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Andy Reid was burned at Oakland Coliseum, in front of Chiefs-Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid prepares his team to face the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, but he still has time to talk a little about the rubbish about the Coliseum, the stadium where the game will be played .

Reid would have been questioned on Wednesday about nostalgia for what it might be his last time playing Raiders at the Coliseum.

"The bathrooms were flooded last year," he said. according to the chefs beat the writer Matt Derrick, "will not miss that." (He was referring to the Chiefs-Raiders game in 2016.)

The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas after this season, Reid's remarks could fuel the fire between the two rivals of West Africa, as they embark on their last match at the Coliseum.

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But his burning among the Raiders is not the only unfortunate memory that people have of the Coliseum.

Just last weekend Chronicler Scott Ostler tweeted a photo of the fountain soda machine in the press box of the Coliseum with a sign on it. What does the sign say? "Please, do not waste the ice, it will not be filled again."

Six years ago, Sports writer Michael C. Wright tweeted a picture of a television in the press gallery of the Colosseum with a terrible resolution that could look like that of 1992. But that was in 2013.

And just last season, Columnist Ann Killion of San Francisco Chronicle Tweets A janitor said the following, loud enough so that all reporters from the press stand hear: "There are two dead mice in the soda machine."

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Few weeks later, she posted a photo from a bunch of hot dogs sitting on a table in the ladies' room of the press at the Coliseum. "Things are really weird at the Colosseum … (hint: do not eat them)," she writes.

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