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The general online reaction to Angel fell, the third entry of the Fell franchise, was: "Who wants that?" The answer: a lot of people. At least that's what the weekend ticket numbers tell us. Mike Banning's latest adventure has reached the top of the box office, exceeding expectations and confirming that the public can not get tired of Gerard Butler. Meanwhile, Hobbs and Shaw made its debut in China and led the biggest opening of August of all time.

I do not think I've ever met anyone who The loves the Fell movies. Yet, they continue to earn money. Example: Angel fell, the latest movie dedicated to Gerard Butler's secret service agent, topped the weekend box office with $ 21.25 million. It's not a little potato, but the problem: it's the lowest opening in franchise history. But! It's also the first movie in the series to debut at number 1. That says more about the sad state of the summer box office than the franchise.

Good boys fell to second place with $ 11.75 million. In third place: Winner, a movie I have never heard of. This is another of these religious dramas, the kind that always looks terrible, but still succeeds at the box office. It took $ 8.2 million. The Lion King landed fourth with $ 8.2 million as well. Fifth place went to Hobbs and Shaw with $ 8.1 million.

Speaking of Hobbs and Shaw, the Fast and furious The spin-offs made their debut in China over the weekend and resulted in the biggest August opening weekend ever recorded in China at $ 102 million. According to Variety, the film grossed $ 120 million more abroad, bringing its total foreign market to $ 441 million.

Sixth place went to the very entertaining horror comedy Ready not ready, earning $ 7.55 million. That's not a huge beginner, but it's the biggest launch for Fox Searchlight in almost five years:

This week-end, the news is practically not many, with the exception of the thriller Blumhouse. Do not let go. After that, the dreaded August is over and the season of autumn movies begins. Pour one for the summer movie season.

The top ten box office films are shown below (via Box Office Mojo).

1. Angel fell

2. good boys

3. Overcomer

4. The lion king

5. Hobbs and Shaw

6. Ready or not

7. The Angry Birds 2 movie

8. Frightening stories to tell in the dark

9. Dora and the lost city of gold

10. Once upon a time in Hollywood

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