Ely Hydes, the man who recovered the Los Angeles Algiers Angels slugger's home run but planned to keep him, changed his mind on Friday and now says he'd like to return the ball to Pujols or at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Well, Pujols has also changed his mind and no longer wants baseball, which represents his 2,000th player product.

"I do not want it, brother," said Pujols at USA TODAY Sports. "He can keep it. He had the opportunity to give it to me (Thursday) and he refused. It's very good. It's his right.

"So, needless to change her mind now.

"Let him keep."

Hydes, who told reporters Thursday that he was considering keeping the ball himself, or possibly giving it to his brother, said Friday at the Detroit News that he no longer wanted it either.

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"I have slept on it," said Hydes at Detroit News. "All I wanted was to sleep on it, I slept on it and I woke up and I think (Pujols) is a class number.

"It's not my player, it's not my guy, I do not deserve the ball. I have reconsidered. 100% I will either give it to Pujols or the Hall of Fame.

"I do not want any money."

Well, Pujols was certainly not going to pay for it, and a day later, with no guarantee, the balloon was the one he hit for the circuit, saying it was not more interested.

"If he does not want the ball," said Pujols, "he can give the ball to Cooperstown, hope everyone will be happy.

"But I do not want it. He deserves it. It's his decision. ''

Albert Pujols celebrates his victory after his 2000th career title. (Photo: Rick Osentoski, USA TODAY Sports)

Hydes told reporters that he had initially refused to give the ball to Pujols because he felt under pressure from Tigers security personnel, rejecting any offers to meet with Pujols or other memorabilia, such as autographed articles by Mike Trout (All-Star Angels) and Miguel Cabrera (Tigers star).

The Tigers have firmly disputed Hydes' allegations.

"We spoke to Comerica Park operations and safety personnel who were in contact with the guest, and we have no doubt that our staff behaved professionally when they were not in contact with us. he spoke with the guest, "said Tigers vice president Ron Colangelo. send an e-mail to USA TODAY Sports and other outlets in Detroit. "After generous offers of autographed memorabilia of the Tigers and Angels, including a meeting with Albert Pujols, our staff informed the guest that a decision had to be made as the Angels would leave the stadium shortly after the end of the match. .

"The guest decided to keep the ball and our staff left."

Now it's up to the Hall of Fame to decide if he wants baseball, knowing the ball has never been authenticated.

The drama continues.

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