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Angry guy who lives in a van explains his viral speech

"If you're looking for the little guy who's angry, he's just around the corner fighting with the homeless."

The Long Island bagel shop's client, whose viral demon-day speech dating back to the day, has turned into a brawl is easy to find on Thursday, while a local Bay Shore appoints the Post to the Where he leads new battles with his supposed enemies.

Chris Morgan – the five-star celebrity of the Bagel Boss merger – also has a lot in common with Matt Foley, Chris Farley's "SNL" motivational speaker.

The owner of a cleaning company, 45 years old, lives in a pickup truck by the river. Or in this case, near the bay.

Nino's Deli allows her to park her Chrysler Town & Country 2008 minivan / mobile home in her parking lot and use her restroom.

Morgan, who is divorced, told The Post that he had lost his temper on Wednesday while waiting for his sandwich for breakfast because the female workers "chuckled" and "behaved as if they were in high school".

"It's a question of depreciation, of what she was doing! To laugh, all that shit! Morgan said, agitated.

"Being used by women, attending appointments, they lie, say that they like me and that they use me for my money!

Morgan seemed to love his new notoriety after a video of the strange encounter received more than 50,000 retweets on Twitter.

"I'm famous, a group of people are watching my video," he said.

The author of bloviating bagels also compared Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – and said the shot razor saw "The world tour suddenly changed his luck with the ladies.

"I do not even know girls are dragging me," he said.

But the other inhabitants of the car park quickly knocked him down. Dawn, a homeless woman drinking a beer, said about Morgan: "He has a really bad Napoleon complex. He thinks he's at the top of the world. "

His YouTube channel, full of videos of himself unleashing the anger of 7 out of 11 workers, law enforcement and its neighbors and neighbors about his insecurity about his height of two meters, surfaced on Thursday.

Morgan said that he had already filed a police report and that he wished that charges be laid against the man seen in the video that was throwing him to the ground.

"I will eventually file a complaint," Morgan told the Post.

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