Ann Coulter denounces Donald Trump: "The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot"


Ann Coulter expressed her thanks to President Donald Trump for staying out of it on Friday after allowing the author and the conservative commentator to make a further fall by signing a bipartisan border deal, while declaring a national emergency to finance its long awaited wall along the US-Mexican territory. border.

"I did not talk to her, I do not follow her, I do not talk to her, but the press likes to mention Ann Coulter's name," the president said Friday morning at a news conference. televised at the Rose Garden at the White House, describing her relationship with the right pundit who presented her at events during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump 's statement comes after he was asked on Friday if conservative commentators had influenced his decision to declare a national emergency on the south – western border of the country. Fox News host Sean Hannity and other conservative media have urged the president to declare the national emergency in recent months and to complain about ending the government's closure without getting the funds that he considered necessary for the construction of the wall. Trump rejected the idea that conservative commentators decide politics in his place and dismissed reports that he had closed the government or declared an emergency at the border at their request.

"Probably if I talked to her, she would be very nice, but I just do not have time to talk to her," said Trump about Coulter, before saying he thought she was gone "out of the reservation "as far as it concerned. harsh criticism of him.

"He seems to think that" the reserve "is HIM, not his campaign promises," wrote Coulter on Twitter following the Trump press conference.

Coulter had a more scathing response to Trump's statement during a Friday radio interview with John Phillips and Jillian Barberie on KABC's "The Morning Drive" show.

"Thank God, he has released me from all responsibility in what he's done," said Coulter, the author of "In Trump, We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!" told the radio hosts. "It was the biggest favor that someone can do for me today."

Coulter revealed that she was sleeping during the Trump press conference and that she had heard her comments for the first time on KABC. Stating that "the country is over" now, she added, she did not need to watch the Trump event live or go to a tarot reader to find out what it was. would do it "totally broke on its base".

Coulter, one of Trump's early supporters, asserted that Trump's "presidential mandate" was to build the wall – and although that's what he plans to do in declaring a national emergency, it does not matter. Is not satisfied. Coulter said that Trump "dug his own grave" and that his followers "fell in love with his BS".

"The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot," she said.

Coulter also said Trump was going to have a hard time winning a second term in November.

"I can not imagine any way out of this," she says. "I hope there are, I do not think so, if that's the case, no, of course he can not represent himself."

Coulter also described Trump as "lazy" and "incompetent" president surrounded by "absolute morons", like Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, "who have no government experience".

Mr. Coulter had previously criticized the president for slowing his progress on a wall of the border, stating that he would have "no legacies" he did not contain the bill on infrastructure. She also mocked Trump in December when the White House announced plans to accept a spending program not including the $ 5 billion requested by Trump for the wall.


Shortly after, Trump announced it would not sign a funding bill that did not provide money for the border wall, making the country the longest government closure in border security in the United States. United. Trump and Congress have adopted a 1,165-page, 1,165-page bipartite package of $ 1.375 billion for new border gates at $ 5.7 billion – an excerpt from Trump's $ 5.7 billion searched for more than 200 miles of steel walls along the southwestern border. Conservative commentators have expressed frustration over the bipartisan agreement and urged Trump to declare a national emergency.

Trump declared this national emergency Friday, noting that he is already waiting for a court challenge at his Friday press conference, while signing this bipartisan agreement intended to avert a second government shutdown.

Coulter was not satisfied with the agreement. She wanted Congress to allocate money to the wall and doubted that an emergency declaration would suffice.

"No, the goal of a national emergency is that Trump scams the stupidest people out of her base for another 2 years," she tweeted early Friday morning. "The goal is to get Trump's most stupid voters to say," He's fighting! "No, he is not … he's signing this bill, it's over."

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