Anniversary of Jennifer Garner tribute to Reese Witherspoon can not be surpassed


The internet just does not deserve Jennifer Garner.

The star of "peppermint" and her permanent sunbeam did the best for her friend Reese Witherspoon's birthday on Friday.

Her gift was to put on the band's uniform and play the song "A Groovy Kind of Love" on a saxophone for Witherspoon and Instagram.

"There are many moons, my high school fanfare has played this song for homecoming. Today, I play it for my boyfriend, @reesewitherspoon, "wrote Garner.

"We have a kind of groovy love. Happy birthday, Madam, "she added, alongside the hashtags #bandgeeksarethebestgeeks and #havethebestday.

Garner began to play the song – showing an impressive breath control, as one speaker noted, and ending with a beautiful round.

"Find yourself a friend who plays the saxophone for your best day like Jennifer Garner's for Reese Witherspoon," said a disciple, and many others praised the musical talent of the actress.

"Whenever I think I can not worship anymore … the bar is high," wrote a fan, echoing the feelings of many people.

Garner's Instagram is a constant source of joy for her fans, as she regularly presents recipes, her dog Birdie and many content focused on her children.

She recently showed one of the costumes she wore for her son Samuel's birthday – which did not go well.

"Well guess what, it turns out that 7 years is the age at which my child stops thinking it's cool when I get dressed for the party," she captioned in the hilarious photo .


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