Annotations on YouTube will be completed soon

The icon of the YouTube app.

  • Google has quietly announced that it will remove YouTube annotations as of January 15, 2019.
  • Google had already stopped the annotations editor in May 2017.

If you have videos on YouTube that use annotations, you can sit back and be careful. Google has quietly announced that it will stop displaying existing video annotations as of January 15, 2019.

The announcement was so quiet that Google stopped using the annotations editor as of May 2, 2017 as an update. Nevertheless, YouTube users are always welcome to use end cards and screens, which are much better suited to different displays and are much less annoying than annotations.

We doubt that many people shed tears once January 15, 2019 arrives. Introduced in 2008, annotations have quickly gained popularity as a means of highlighting associated videos, directing users to online stores, correcting videos, and so on.

The problem was that some videos had a ridiculous number of annotations and created a visual clutter. The fact that the use of annotations was reduced by 70% by the time Google decided to no longer use the annotations editor did not help.

To replace annotations, Google launched two YouTube interfaces in 2016: cards and end screens. Maps appear as small pop-ups in the top corner, while end screens display at the end of videos to highlight a YouTube user's channel and the links that they have. they want to highlight.

Not only do cards and end screens provide a cleaner viewing experience, they also generate seven times more clicks on YouTube and work perfectly on mobile. Annotations, on the other hand, do not appear on the YouTube mobile app.

All this helps to justify engraving annotations and forgetting that they have ever existed.

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