Announcing Free Games for PlayStation Plus from April 2019


PlayStation Plus customers will be able to download Conan Exiles and Surge As part of their subscription next month, Sony announced Wednesday.

Conan Exiles, an open-world survival game from Funcom, was released as an early-access title in January 2017. Its public launch on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One was launched in May 2018. The game may be most notable play as nude characters and own slaves.

Surge is a role-playing game from the German studio Deck13 Interactive. Released in May 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it is the spiritual successor of the game Dark Souls-esque of the studio. Lords of the dead. For more on Surge, check out our review.

Both games – the only free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers, now that Sony has dropped the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles – will be available from Tuesday, April 2nd. In the meantime, players will be able to play the much more exciting games of March: The witness and Call of Duty: remastered modern war.

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