Another hidden change found on the Overwatch PTR |


Another undocumented change was identified in the latest patch of the Overwatch Public Test Domain (PTR), this time affecting Mei.

The latest update to PTR is one of the largest in recent memory. She modifies a variety of heroes of the game with even more adjustments to come, while presenting a brand new hero, Baptiste.

Despite the size of the update, it appears that the release notes have not yet captured all the changes made.

The endothermic blaster and the ice wall of Mei were also adjusted by the patch.

Now, a less important, but still remarkable, change in quality of life has been found for Mei. During her Cryo-Freeze, Mei now appears translucent directly in front of the reader's camera, allowing her to see through it.

This may not always be a factor, but if you use Cryo-Freeze next to a wall, as in the clip, it may mean that some lines of vision are blocked by it on the servers live, and this change should give you a record of what's going on.

Players also report that the same change has been made to Wrecking Ball. Thus, when the player looks straight up, his vision is not blocked by the mech.

It may not be a massive change, but as restless as Overwatch is with twelve heroes on the map and a variety of effects on abilities, better clarity of vision will always be appreciated.

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