Anthem: BioWare responds to fans' concerns when updating loot, here's what it's all about



Update notes for the most recent update have also been released.

By Colin Stevens

Update: BioWare confirmed that the fix for the loot of the anthem had been pushed live.

Although it has not yet implemented the problem to prevent unusual and common drops at level 30 – which is expected to come later, the fix addresses the following issues, by this post from Reddit:

  • The inscriptions on the objects will no longer be appropriate for this specific object. NOTE: This only applies to items obtained after the patch. Items obtained before the fix will always have the same markings as before.
  • The masterpiece craft costs have been reduced from 25 -> 15 embers master. The amount of plants, metal and parts needed to make a Masterwork object has also been reduced.

Original story follows:

BioWare makes various changes requested by fans to Anthem's loot systems and has detailed much of what will be changed.

Revealed by an official article in Reddit, BioWare's chief producer, Ben Irvo, described changes to registrations, reduction tables at level 30, and requirements for manufacturing materials. Production of these modifications is scheduled for February 28 or March 1.

Entries are object modifiers that can make various improvements during an expedition, but not all listed listings are useful. Bonuses can have an impact on health, damage, armor, etc., but when an inscription that increases physical damage is applied to a fully elemental weapon, it is unusable. These ineffective listings officially disappear, resulting in better and more efficient loot.

These changes will only apply to newly acquired items and not to items that already exist in your vault. If an entry applies only to the object on which it is lit, that is, it displays a gear icon, it will be useful especially for this item. Otherwise, registration will be beneficial to the javelin as a whole. For more details regarding registration and changes to the registration pool, see the full article.

In addition to the registration changes, rare (white) and common (green) items will be removed from level 30 deposit tables, which means that higher level players will not be so overwhelmed by loot low – it's hard to know if they'll be replaced by better-rated loot, or simply not appear at all.

In addition, BioWare has reduced the manufacturing materials needed to create a masterpiece of 25 to 15 embers for the masterpieces, thus allowing players to create more and more. 39 Chief objects with the inscriptions that they could search for.

In addition to these changes, which will be posted the next day, BioWare has released a new update this morning accompanied by a brief series of release notes. The patch increases waiting time for missions, Tyrant Swarm's encounter in Tyrant Mine Fortress can no longer be reset if the team leaves and joins the current session, and players can not no longer open a chest in the already looted Fortresses.

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