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Anthem Fan Shares Stat Design Page for Javelin Loadout – Game Rant

From now on, it seems like the supposed "destiny"killer" turned out to be anything but. Instead of, Anthem makes many of the same development mistakes as its competitors. In destinyFor the defense, the game has at least one page of statistics so that players can see what all their equipment matches. Despite being an RPG shooter based on loot, Anthem There is no statistics page in the game. In response to this weird design choice, a Reddit user has decided to create one.

Nobody really understands what BioWare thought by excluding the very important page of statistics in a game that depends a lot, but the players try to fend for themselves while waiting for the company to add one later. One of these players, kaze369 user of Reddit, has come up with a statistical page concept in Photoshop.

As in the post of kaze369, there is "nothing extraordinary, it's just basic things". The Reddit user stated that it took about 40 minutes for the post Anthem stat page and acknowledges that it's not as good as it could be if they had "EA Bioware money and more than 5 years". For something made quickly, it works pretty well. Honestly, it does not matter if it's not perfect, it could be installed in today's game and would make a lot of players happy. That's because no matter what would be better at nothing, as the developer begins to understand.

kaze369 statistics page of anthem reddit bioware

The lack of a statistics page in the game is just one of many complaints about BioWare's new loot-based shooter. The developer is also under fire for unintentionally increasing loot drops and then lowering them. For about half a day, the players saw the multiplication of masterpieces and legendary objects abandoned and delighted.

This triggered a debate within the Anthem community as to whether the highest rates were good for the game or not. BioWare said it was listening, but the community will have to wait to see what the developer will ultimately decide.

At its beginnings, Anthem was met mainly lukewarm critics. For those who are curious about how it fits BioWare's previous titles, we've rated each BioWare game by critical score. As expected, Anthem ranks pretty low, almost missing the lowest considered game by a point. This disgrace went to Mass Effect Galaxy, the forgotten shooter for iOS.

Anthem is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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