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Anthem is undergoing a reshuffle tomorrow – here are the details

BioWare has announced some imminent changes to Anthem's loot system, with changes scheduled for Feb. 28 or March 1, US Central Time. By publishing on reddit, the main producer, Ben Irving, thanked the players for recently commenting on the entries and masterpieces, as well as the slowness of the slow pace. associated.

Here are the changes, as published on reddit:

  • Registrations are now better for items on which they are placed
    This applies to new items earned in the anthem (those that do not exist in your vault)
    If an inscription applies only to the element on which it is located (gear icon), it will be useful for that element. Otherwise, the registration will provide a considerable advantage for the javelin
    For example, an assault rifle will not have an object specific inscription + gun damage. It can have a wide inscription of electric damage combination (cool for a flash construction)
    Some additional information below
  • Removing Uncommon (White) and Common (Green) Items from Level 30 Reduction Tables
    It was a very requested change and we agree, so that's it.
  • We have reduced the materials needed to create a masterpiece of 25 to 15 embers
    As you recover or harvest, you should be able to create more artwork to get the listings you are looking for.
    Now that the entries are more relevant to their purpose, this should give players better results.

Irving also explained the details of the registration change. Previously, the registration pools were generic, but each element type now has its own set of registration options for each of its pools.

Here it is in the words of Irving:

  • Current: There is a large pool of registration options available for articles, registration pools are generic (for example, Weapons).
    Each masterpiece has 4 entries – Major Primary, Primary Minor, Secondary Major, Minor Minor
  • Modification: Each element type now has a specific set of registration options for each of their registration groups. The pools are smaller and target the type of specific item
    For example. there was a pool of weapons, now there is a pool of assault rifles and the pool of assault rifles has 4 pools for each of the types of registration listed above
    Primary registrations focus on damage or survivability
    Any item-specific registration (gear icon) will always benefit from the item on which it is located.
    Wide javelin inscriptions (costume icon) will benefit damage or survival all over the javelin
    Secondary registrations are focused on utility and can target the object (gear icon) or the entire javelin (costume icon).

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