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Anthem Making Major Changes to Booty Loot in Next Update – Game Rant

One of the biggest complaints about Anthem the next launch was the loot system. Many fans think that the booty of the finals is not rewarding enough, and the activities seem to give less loot than they should. Earlier this week, BioWare told fans that they listened to the players' complaints, and they seem to have been honest about it. according to Anthem Chief Producer Ben Irving, an update will be available soon to resolve some of the biggest fan complaints regarding the loot of the game.

Irving visited Reddit today to inform fans of what will happen in the future Anthem patch, to the delight of many fans. In his article, Irving detailed several changes that will be deployed in Anthem either February 28th or March 1st. The update plans to resolve a number of issues raised by fans regarding loot. The three big changes concern registrations, loot tables and crafts.

For loot tables, common (white) and uncommon (green) items will be removed from level 30 loot group, so players will not receive these items instead of higher level items. Players will also need less embers to make masterpiece materials as the requirements are reduced from 25 to 15.

The biggest change is registrations that can roll. Currently, players can receive a wide range of registrations – even some that do not apply to this equipment. This update aims to change this completely, making registrations more relevant for the equipment, or at least adding an advantage to Javelin as a whole. Assault rifles will no longer launch gun attacks, for example. This was one of the many changes that the Diablo 3 developer who discussed how Anthem could repair his loot system.

Many fans are surprised and generally satisfied with the speed with which this update is deployed. Fans of other games like Destiny 2 are used to waiting weeks or months before glaring problems are solved. So it's a good change of pace to have a big problem ahead. Anthem so early. Hopefully this means that BioWare can transform the game quickly and make it a better experience for players who stay with the game.

Anthem is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Ben Irving – Reddit

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