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Without a doubt, the launch of the new role-RPG game from Electronic Arts and BioWare Anthem was not without its faults. Whether it's the excessive loading times, the unpredictable disconnection of the server during the expeditions, or even the significant surprise update just a day after its release, it's safe to say that many are gone disappointed. This being the case, many of these and other problems may have deterred players from buying the title because it was revealed that Anthem"The physical sales of his first week in the UK are only 10% Destiny 1 sold during his first week in the region.

This information concerning AnthemPhysical sales in the UK came from Niko Partners video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad. If this information is accurate, it means that about 40,000 copies in box Anthem were sold in the UK during its first week, as the original destiny sold about 417,000 tangible copies in the region during its first week. It also means that BioWare's previous efforts, Mass Effect: Andromeda, had physical sales in the first week that were more than double those of Anthem"S.

It should be noted, however, that UKIE / GfK has published its Top 10 sales for the week ending 23 February 2019 and Anthem officially took first place on the physical sales charts for the UK. So even though he only sold about 10% of this Destiny 1 did his first week in the area, Anthem has always managed to beat other new versions such as Metro Exodus and Far Cry: New Dawn for the time being.

Moreover, even if the meager numbers for Anthem"Physical sales in the United Kingdom paint a picture of a dark future. There is always a chance that role-playing action gets big results in digital sales. After all, BioWare has primarily designed the launch to be a live service for multiplayer fans, and many people involved in products like this often buy these games digitally.


So, despite what appears to be poor physical sales in the beginning, it will be interesting to see how Anthem when it launches on the digital market in order to get a much clearer perspective of the initial size and interest of its user base, as well as the considerable increase in the game's audience. Speaking of retention and growth of players, however, the game already has fierce competition for the road ahead with respect to shooters Tom Clancy's The Division 2 ready to launch next month, and Destiny 2Drifter season coming soon.

Anthem is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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