ANTHEM up to £ 35 in UK just days after launch


Anthem Award

Despite the latest statistics, ANTHEM is struggling to sell retail in the UK. His initial numbers are inferior to those of Mass Effect: Andromeda – a game considered a flop in his day. And now, as if to add insult to injury, Amazon UK has ANTHEM in stock for only £ 35 on PS4.

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Seeing the prices of the games suddenly drop is nothing new – especially if they have apparently struggled to break into the market – but ANTHEM has gone from the retail price to £ 35. three days. It's only available on PS4 for a single weekend!

We very rarely see such a low price fall so fast, and the bad news for ANTHEM is that prices are not reduced in the UK. We have seen reports of strong cuts in other European countries.

What are you doing with that? Would you be tempted to take ANTHEM at this price? Do not hesitate to negotiate in the comments section below.

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