Anthony Mackie reacts to the announcement of Marvel Studios' fantastic Falcon and Winter Soldier soldiers

Disney came out in force with its Disney + presentation yesterday, further revealing what its new streaming service can offer in terms of value, options and content. The latter got a boost when they officially confirmed that two of Marvel's favorite heroes would receive their own service series. Falcon and winter soldier, two characters that show how entertaining they can be next to each other Captain America: Civil War. Now, they take their talents to the small screen, and Anthony Mackie seems pumped.

Mackie took advantage of social media to share the news from the Marvel Studios series and seems happy enough to meet Sebastian Stan of Winter Soldier, even referring to the movie Bad Boys 3 that he had once featured in an interview with Stan. Mackie said, "Be careful what you ask !!!

According to some rumors, the project would be one of the new Disney series for the service, but once confirmed, Disney unveiled the new logo of the series. The tone of the series will probably be the same as that of the interactions of the characters in Captain America: Civil War, which range from suspicion of each other, to annoyance, even reluctant friends at the end of the film. We will now see this friendship explored further in the new series, although we do not know yet if Captain America will be involved.

Certainly, we still need to know when this series will take place, because the two characters are still technically dead after the events of Avengers: war in the infinite. Both disappeared after the hanging of Thanos. Therefore, if they do not come back, it will probably be a series of pre-series and, if they do, we will see their adventures in the present and the future. Either way, it should be pretty fun.

Mackie played the role of Sam Wilson in Captain America: Civil War, The ant man, and Avengers: war in the infinite Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) has been part of the MCU since Captain America: Winter Soldier as well as civil war and war to the infinite. If we see them coming back in Avengers: Endgame remains to be seen, but at least we will soon be able to see them together to a certain extent. You can read the official description of Endgame below.

"After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the universe is in shambles because of Mad Titan's efforts, Thanos." With the help of the latest allies, the Avengers must gather once again to cancel the actions of Thanos and restore order once and for all in the universe, no matter what the consequences. "

Avengers: End of the game arrives in theaters on April 26th.


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