"Anyway, the Dems will attack the president anyway," predicts Ted Cruz at "Hannity"


US Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, criticized the mainstream media for their "breathless" coverage of the investigation conducted by Special Advocate Robert Mueller in Russia during his Tuesday night appearance in "Hannity".

Cruz began by declaring that last weekend was "very good" for President Trump and the country after Mueller submitted his report to the Ministry of Justice and that Attorney General Bill Barr published a summary of Mueller's findings. .


"Everything the media has been talking about in the media for two years lacked any factual basis," Cruz told Sean Hannity of Fox News. "And all the media have an egg on their face, and what are they doing now?" They do not apologize, they do not back up, they do not say, "God, our facts were wrong."

"Instead, they are attacking," Cruz continued. "We see all Democratic representatives saying," Oh no, do not pay attention to collusion. Do not pay attention to crimes or evidence. "And mark my words, Sean: The House Democrats Whatever it is, we're going to dismiss the president.Not because of evidence, not because of crimes, but because of the fact that it's Donald Trump and they hate Donald Trump, and that shows how extreme they are. "

"Mark my words … Democrats in the House will still remove the President, not because of evidence, not because of crimes, but because of the fact that he is Donald Trump and that they hate Donald Trump. "

– US Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas

The GOP senator also reacted to Reuters' admission that she had buried a negative report on her former opponent, the 2020 candidate, Beto O'Rourke, at the mid-term in 2018.


"When it comes to media bias, the story of Reuters really smokes the gun. In 2017, they have evidence that Beto may have committed several crimes. The reporter interviewed Beto during the registration and he confirmed it, but they reached an agreement and said "OK, we will not talk about it until the 2018 elections". Why? Because they want the Democrat to win, they want Beto to beat me, "Cruz said. "Now that Beto is running against Bernie and all the other leftists, Reuters will report it. The media are in bed with the far left of the Democratic Party.

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