Apex Legends Battle Pass Details: Release, Octane, Price and All Season 1 Details


The most important update to date of EA's extremely popular Royal Battle Game and Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends, is almost launched. Season 1 should be out on March 19th. It features both a battle pass and the first new character since the game's launch in early February. Just like the game itself, we did not have much head-to-head before the game's release, although details were leaked before the official announcement of the battle's pass.

The most important element of Season 1 is perhaps the release of a new playable character, Legend, Octane. Despite some confusion, it starts parallel to the season and the battle, but is not part of it. Instead, it can be purchased independently of the pass. Read on for all the details about the battle, what she understands, what it costs, and more.

Date and time of release

This is the most anticipated detail of all: the release date of the combat pass. Respawn confirmed the launch of Season 1 on Tuesday March 19th at 10:00 am, Paris time / 5:00 pm (Eastern Time) (5:00 pm, Paris time). The update can be released alongside a hotfix that implements recently announced hitbox changes.

Rewards and items included in the Battle Pass

Respawn's first year battle record indicated that this year's four assists would include new weapons and loot such as exclusive cosmetics, and at least one new character from Legend. Each battle pass will include 100 rewards: skins for characters and weapons, stats, Apex coins, and more.

For season 1, anyone who plays during the season can win the Wild Frontier skin, five Apex packs and 18 Wild Frontier statistics trackers. Those who buy the battle pass can also get a lot more loot, including instant unlocking of Lifeline Revolutionary skin, Wraith Survivor skin and Mirage Outlaw skin. This is done by leveling the battle pass with XP; There is no Fortnite style challenge here, although Respawn's statements suggest that this could happen in the future.

Apex coins are among the rewards you can get by raising the battle level. If you reach level 97, you can actually win 1,000 coins, which allows you to buy the next battle pass without spending extra money.

Regarding the new weapons and the new objects of the roadmap, Respawn has not announced any plans to introduce these weapons at the beginning of season 1. This does not mean that March 19 does not reserve surprises for us, but that could be the case. these weapons and objects will be introduced in future upgrades, a bit like the new Havoc gun seemed to come out of nowhere.

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Respawn will offer two levels of combat pass pricing. For 950 Apex Coins (about $ 10), you can get a standard pass and start earning your rewards. For 2800 Apex Coins, you can buy a Battle Pass pack, which allows you to instantly get the first 25 levels.

If you are using an Xbox One or PC console, you may be able to get a pass at the best price. By subscribing to EA Access or Origin Access, you receive free rewards on the respective platforms, including 1,000 Apex coins. Because one month of these services costs less than buying 1,000 Apex coins (the lowest amount that will cover the cost of the battle pass), subscribe for one month and then cancel will make you save a few dollars and bring you other benefits. And, as noted above, you'll be able to buy a future battle pass with the Apex coins earned by upgrading it.

How it works

The first Battle Pass is centered on the XP and the upgrade. You will not find any challenge here, as some have speculated. Respawn explains in a blog post explaining the philosophy of his approach: "The season 1 is to stay focused on concentration and allow players to win a lot of rewards at a great price (you even get the cost of the Battle Pass of base if you reach) level 97. We will start adding more and more innovations each season as we develop the Battle Pass. "

Respawn explained in an article on Reddit: "Basically, there are now two progression paths: the player level and the combat pass level.The combat pass level is obtained in the same way as the player level – in playing the game with an XP, Only bonuses.The two tracks are separate and independent, so two tracks of rewards! "

You can find out more about how the Battle Pass works in our explanatory.

New character, Octane

The new seasonal character is Octavio "Octane" Silva, who lost his legs in a difficult race. It has an Adrenaline Junkie ability that allows you to exchange health for speed, and it has unlimited health supplies. His ultimate ability is a launch pad, which gives him and his teammates a big boost.

Octane will be released along the combat pass but will be the subject of a separate purchase. It will cost the same price as the other purchasable characters Mirage and Caustic – 12,000 legendary tokens or 750 Apex coins.

Respawn teased its ultimate ability by throwing the launch zones around the game map a few days before the announcement. It is likely that similar game teasers will appear for later characters in future seasons.

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Respawn acknowledged that the escape of Octane was legitimate. That said, the data analysis revealed several other possible legends, and these are much less certain. Respawn also seemed to address these so-called leaks in his statement.

"There are some very old stuff, or stuff we've tried in the past – remember that our design process is to prototype and play lots of ideas – Apex Legends," said Jay Frechette, responsible for the community. "The discovery of this information does not prove that it will be published at all.You should treat any publication about it as a rumor and the actual information will come to us when we are ready to show what will follow."

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