Apex Legends Battle Pass the cheapest: how to get it


Since its release in early February, Apex Legends has already exploded in popularity with millions of players, and Respawn's free royal battle game is poised to take a step further: the release of its first season and an optional battle. pass. Season 1: Wild Frontier will be available on March 19th at 10am (Paris time) and you will be able to collect your pass immediately. All first season players will also have free access to the Wild Frontier skin, five Apex packs and 18 Wild Frontier statistics trackers.

The standard pass will cost you 950 Apex Coins. There is also a Battle Pass Pack available for 2,800 Apex coins, which instantly unlock your next 25 levels of rewards. However, if the battle card is enough for you, there is a way to pay much less: by registering with EA Access (Xbox One) or Origin Basic Access (PC), which cost you only $ 5 per month. . There is currently no equivalent option for PS4.

These gaming subscription services give you unlimited access to a growing number of game collections, discounts on purchases, and quick test access to upcoming games. And if you're a member who plays Apex Legends here on June 30, you'll also receive some extra benefits: an exclusive Flatline Epic weapon skin, a banner badge and 1,000 Apex coins (about $ 10). ). You can probably see where we are going with this: A one-month subscription to either service earns you 1,000 Apex coins for the price of $ 5, a 50% discount. Once you have signed up for a one month subscription (which normally costs around $ 10), you will automatically have enough Apex coins to buy the standard pass (with 50 coins available).

At this point, you may decide to continue or not the service, but you will be able to dive into the new season of Apex Legends and start earning rewards with your fight pass immediately.

Respawn's roadmap for the first year has revealed that Apex Legends will have four seasons this year and, in addition to a few free rewards, each season's pass includes new weapons, exclusive loot (as well as appearances). Weapon) and at least one new playable character. Battle passes work the same as Fortnite's: every time you level up, you'll unlock more rewards, which you'll always keep even after the end of the season. Each battle pass has about 100 rewards and 1,000 Apex coins that you can win in total. And yes, this currency can be used to buy the season 2 battle pass when it comes out this summer.

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