Apex Legends Could Be Titans, Wall Running – Game Rant

Apex Legends is the latest royal battle game to become incredibly popular, surpassing 25 million players in just one week. Now, a data leak suggested that some features of the other Respawn franchise, Fall of the Titans, can make its way into the BR game.

The mine of data seems to show that Apex Legends The next update will feature familiar features including wall racing, double jump and Titans. However, the features appear to be enabled only in a new mode called "Classic", which could indicate that Apex Legends also becomes a multiplayer mode similar to Titanfall Wear.

Another leak of the same user shows several different lines of code related to the titans, which could indicate that the giant mechs could also end up in the game. Respawn had originally included titans and a wall Apex Legends, but decided to remove the features to create a game more strategic and easier to learn. However, it makes sense that features can coexist within two distinct game modes, giving players the freedom to play as they wish.

Since Apex Legends' Surprisingly and suddenly, many potential features leaked through data mining. Just a few days ago, the miners found evidence that the game will benefit from solo and duet modes, as well as new characters and their release dates. These updates will probably prompt fans to ask for more, and it is good to see Respawn try to regularly introduce more content into the game.

While all these leaks should excite fans, Respawn has yet officially confirmed anything. It is quite possible that the leaks are not true or do not survive the test phase. Fans should take all the information with a grain of salt. Yet, these features look good if they turn out to be true.

Let's hope that Respawn will be able to implement whatever fans have asked for and continue to create interesting new characters for the game. Apex Legends is already becoming potentially bigger than Fortnite, and new content would certainly help speed up this schedule.

Apex Legends available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: RealApexLeaks – Twitter

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