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It seems that secret reload animations have been discovered in Apex Legends, but no one really knows how they are triggered.

The first person, Battle Royale of Respawn Entertainment, has stormed the gaming community since its release in February, hitting 50 million players faster than Fortnite. However, he did not fail to face many problems, many users complaining of cheating and unexplained accidents.

This has not, however, prevented positive comments from the community and now, eagle-eyed players have found what appears to be mystery reload animations in the game.


The G7 Scout is a sniper rifle popular with Apex Legends players.

First brought to the attention of the community after the publication of a reddit article by the user "DuhSheet", the clip presents a reload animation previously unknown when the use of the G7.

Although this is not certain, it is thought that the animation is triggered when the entire ammo clip is emptied before reloading. The empty ammo clip is then released from the top of the gun and replaced by the top, rather than the normal animation visible later.

It is completely unknown what triggers this animation because, as seen in the clip, the user triggers the entire clip again without hesitation and the normal reload animation is triggered.

The Titanfall 2 players immediately recognized this refill animation as an Easter egg from the G2A5 combat rifle of this game, inspired by the G7 Scout.

This is complemented by another clip, this time provided by the Reddit user 'PSN-xsXex', in which an awesome part of Peacekeeper shows another animation reloading for the shotgun.

In this case, it seems to be caused by the fact that the character in the game has only one free hand, which results in a flourishing recharge.

The last two discoveries led players to speculate on the number of masked reload animations in Apex Legends and how they are triggered.

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