Apex Legends Guide – How to Embark on the New Royal Battle of Respawn

Pick a landing point and take a weapon, it's time to play Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends this week, which puts you in a team of three in a royal battle. You can choose to play in eight captions, each with its special skills and movements, as well as a multitude of different weapons and objects at your disposal.

In this guide, we'll look at the best character levels, firearms, etc., as well as the burning questions you have about Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Guide

Each legend has a passive, tactical and ultimate move that you can use to your advantage. The captions are versatile and suitable for different play styles and skills. Whether you are a passive player who likes to play a supporting role or a man who likes to play with guns, you will find your marks quickly with each legend.

Apex Legends offers a training ground where you can try all the firearms found in a match. There is a good mix of shotguns, LMGS, pistols and assault rifles on which you get your hands. So we compiled a list of what we thought was the best firearms available.

You may have noticed the appearance of a prompt if you manage to knock out an opponent. Each legend has its own knockout that you can use to defeat an opponent with a little talent.

You can unlock more knockouts with loot boxes or microtransactions, which allows you to customize your legend.

  • Apex Legends: how to find the best loot

Apex Legends offers several elements on several levels. An epic, rare and legendary loot can be found all over the map, but loot from higher levels will be more readily available in the final rounds of the game.

The loot can be white, blue, purple or orange, with orange equipment to be the best of the lot. Look for blue areas on the map because you will often find the best loot there.

You can also land on the supply ship at launch, although you have to be fast. Do not forget that you may be the last to be placed on the map. So be armed and ready.

When you choose your landing point, you will see a blue column coming out of the map. You are sure to find a leading weapon. If you manage to get your hands on a Kraber-1, use it sparingly because the ammo is very limited and it takes an age to recharge it.

If you run out of ammo or need something, highlight it and ping it. In this way, your team will know what you need and, hopefully, you will return a place. You can also ping the loot that you have found to your teammates, which is especially useful in the first minute of a game.

If you have the chance to find a Phoenix Pack During a match, make a place in your inventory. You'll be back in the fighting much faster and it can make a big difference if you're in the last three or four teams.

  • Apex Legends: Caption Capabilities

Each legend is accompanied by a unique set of moves that you can use to your advantage throughout the match. We have already talked about the nature of these movements, but the interaction of the capabilities of each legend is not always clear.

Bloodhound has the ability to see through smoke, gases and even through camouflage and Mirage lures. As a result, the use of Bangalore Smoke Grenade combined with his hunter strike creates an exciting and deadly game.

Wraith the portals can be used both as an offensive and defensive move. Friends and foes can follow you on a portal. If you talk to your teammates, let them know not to follow you. You can then access a cliff edge or bridge, removing an enemy from the hot zone. It can also drag enemies through portals.

It also has another useful capacity in which it will alert you when someone can see you or see a teammate, which you can communicate to your team by pressing the d-pad.

Even if you can not hurt your teammates with bullets, The air strike of Gibraltar does not make the difference between a friend and an enemy. Caustic's gas may not cause damage to the allies, but disorient them.

Pathfinder Land Survey Tags are very useful if you want to plan ahead as they will indicate the way to the ring, so you will not be surprised.

  • Apex Legends: Tips for Staying Alive

Lifeline can use a supply box provided with ammunition, items, medical kits, etc. to allow you to resume your activities. While she revives her teammates faster than other legends, any member of the team can revive a team-mate shot down. You can also wear two banners at the respawn point to get your entire team back quickly and easily.

A number of items that you can pick up will allow you to reload your shields and restore your health, but you must remember to use them. For those living in Gibraltar, you'll know that its domed shield will survive only minimal damage. You will have to look for a shelter quickly.

Take time to hide yourself and reload your shields regularly and remember to use your grenades and your stars. Even if Mirage is invisible, he will still suffer damage to the grenade and lobbing a grenade or a star at the right time may interrupt a last move.

If an area is teeming with enemies and you want to get out quickly, tidy up your weapon. You will run and climb much faster. If you are shot, activate your armor shield and fight your way through doors or gates, then ping your team to let them know you need help.

Finding the best orange weapons and gear prepares you for victory, but always remember to punch the enemy's position so that your team is never caught off guard.

We've looked at some of the most frequently asked questions about Apex Legends.

Respawn is already looking for ways to develop and improve Apex Legends and the royal battle genre in general. We will keep you informed of all changes in the coming weeks.

There is a 1 in 500 chance that you find one of these Heirlooms bonuses in an Apex pack, which comes with a new banner, new skin and a melee skin.

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