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Even though Apex Legends has been out for less than two weeks, data mining companies have been working hard to find out everything and the latest leak appears to be one of the most important nowadays.

The newcomer to the Battle Royale genre from Respawn Entertainment has been making big waves in the gaming world since its release on February 4th.

An all-new leak clearly indicates that Respawn could seek to extend its reach beyond the royal battle genre by introducing a whole new mode of survival.

according to @RealApexLeaks, there are files in the game that point to the new survival mode, with viewers and commentators.

The files name the spectators as NPCs that will perform various actions, ranging from applause to roars to singing.


The spectators in the crowd will sing alongside the competitors.

In addition to singing, spectators in the crowd could even end up performing actions similar to emotes seen in Fortnite Battle Royale.

It's unclear if any of these emotes will appear in the normal Royal Battle battle mode of Apex Legends.


Survival mode crowds could make fortunate emotes.

However, the Survival mode will not only have spectators, because the leak also details the existence of commentators who will analyze the action as it unfolds.

That's something we've seen in games like The Darwin Project, which gives Respawn a good guide on how to implement such a feature.


Commentators will also be present in Survival mode.

The whole concept seems to give Apex Legends a gladiatorial feel, which is perfectly fitting given the appearance of Legend banners displaying stats that already appear on the entire map of the game.

As with any leak, however, there is nothing to know if it will appear in the match. This is all the more true as Apex Legends has a lot of Titanfall code remnants in its game files since the game began in the form of a Titanfall sequel.

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