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Each legend in Apex Legends has its strengths, with many abilities that can be used to gain an advantage, but fighting against these abilities can be just as important.

Whether it's using a digital threat detector via Bangalore smoke or using evasive abilities such as "Intra the Void" from Wraith or Pathfinder's fight to escape At enemy attacks, there are many ways to gain the upper hand with a clever game of Legend.

The Caustic Nox gas trap can be one of the most frustrating abilities to face, especially at the end of the game, where he can throw multiple traps in a small neighborhood – but this little-known trick will help you tackle an annoying caustic opponent.

Caustic can be deadly – if you do not know the counters.

You can of course place these traps remotely by shooting at them, but this will essentially block an area for a while when the gas goes off.

Instead, you will need to aim for the small red part of the trap, located at the bottom of the device. By pulling on this red area, the trap will be destroyed, which will allow you to free the area.

Repeating this with all the traps of Caustic will make his tactical ability almost ineffective. Just be careful not to touch the rest of the trap, which would release toxic vapors of course.

How to quickly treat Caustic gas traps. (credit u / xXROSHIXx)

Unfortunately, there is no such counter for Caustic's Ultimate ability, which will cause you great damage and slow down your movement, unless you also play Caustic (and therefore equipped with a mask to gas).

So now, know that the red part of the traps must always be completely destroyed instead of just blowing them up and waiting for the gas to dissipate.

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