Apex Legends launches a new gun tomorrow

Apex Legends gets his first big update: a new weapon. Developer Respawn Entertainment announced the pistol via a tweet Tuesday afternoon. The attached video gives some details beyond the planned date: tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20th.

The video does not give us much concrete information about the weapon, but it allows us to see what it looks like in action. The gun seems to be a kind of automatic rifle. In the first part of the video, we see a player pull the gun and reload it by placing a magazine on the side of the weapon. In the second part of the clip, it appears that the weapon has some kind of charge that probably does additional damage. The type of ammunition that the weapon can use is unclear. It is also not known whether the load option is limited to a weapon modifier, or whether it is delivered as standard on the weapon.

The futuristic Royal Battle of Respawn Entertainment has been open since February 4th. The developer has released two stability fixes for Apex LegendsThis will be the first update introducing new content into the game since its launch.

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