Apex Legends mods banned 16,000 cheaters since launch

Apex Legends The moderators have banned more than 16,000 cheaters since the game's launch on February 5 and promise new punishments for those who do not understand the message.

For the moment, it's perhaps a bit tricky because the Royal Battle has no reporting function directly in the game. A community leader said yesterday that the developers "had heard your comments on a report feature in the game "and that it was" a very good idea ".

For the moment, Apex Legends Players must report the offender's identity through this support website, ideally with some sort of proof (screenshot or video clip). But even without proof, Respawn will still take a Gamertag / ID and investigate a suspicious account.

The information on the ban appeared in a global update published on Reddit on Friday. The second patch of the game will be released this week, although Respawn did not give details on its content.

Nevertheless, more regular updates (via Reddit) are planned from Tuesday. Respawn receives a live sound stage and set for the live broadcast, and will begin programming with the developers around the time Season 1 starts on March 1st.

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