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Although Apex Legends continues to strengthen, many improvements still need to be made. One of them includes the impossibility of winning Apex packs after a certain level.

In Apex Legends, you can not win packs above level 100 and there is no real logical explanation for that. As this is a free game, which is also one of the reasons why it has become so popular, players who spend more time will be rewarded for their efforts.

The best free games on the market, have a long-term progression, free to play. In addition, it would not affect Apex Legends either, but would increase player loyalty. Apex has not been long in a long time, so this question for players above level 100 will probably come.

Will players continue to play Apex Legends after level 100?

We do not know the price of the Battle Pass, but it could solve this problem by allowing players to win packs above level 100, rewarding their hard work. Once players have reached level 100, new and bright cosmetics will be available, and if Respawn has not changed anything, the number of players will decrease from the Apex Pack cap.

It would not be a bad idea for Respawn to continue rewarding players from level 100 with new boxes. This change would encourage people to play, hoping for a new brilliant legend. Overwatch is an example of a successful game in this process.

An alternative to this could be the prestige levels. Players can return to level one after level 100 and get a new big bright star to let everyone know how good their opponent is. People would always feel like they are progressing and rewarding the players who keep playing.

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