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As Apex Legends begins to settle into a comfortable meta after the release of the game on February 4, professional players are beginning to decide which weapons are the best and which ones need a lot of work.

As in all Royal Battle games, Apex Legends offers a wide range of weapons. From sniper rifles and guns to shotguns to assault rifles, there is something in the game for almost any playing style.

That said, some weapons outnumber the others and some are just bad (we look at you, Mozambique).

As such, the "dizzying" Meadows, Coby of NRG Esports, has released its first official list of weapons levels, which offers surprising selections.

If you have ever been to a stunned type game, know that he really wants to use the Wingman. In a somewhat surprising way, however, he ranked it as the best weapon of the entire match.

NRG Esports / Twitter

The first official list of Dizzy's Apiz Legends weapons includes some interesting rankings.

Many may agree that it's unbelievably good, but the fact that it stands above the Mastiff and Kraber, the only two legendary weapons currently in the game, could shock some.

Elsewhere in his list, Dizzy places the EVA-8 just behind the Peacekeeper, another somewhat surprising ranking given the strength with which many feel it.

The Spitfire, the Flatline and the R-99, all of which are widely accepted as one of the best guns of the game, complete his rankings.

To the surprise of almost no one, Mozambique is one of two weapons to fall into the dreaded F tier, joined by the P2020.

Apex Legends Wiki

The Peacekeeper is considered by many to be one of the best guns in the game.

Dizzy may have been the first professional player to release an official list of levels, but many more will likely follow soon, as the Apex Legends meta continues to grow.

While Apex Legends has not yet received a major patch at this point in its short life span, it is not possible to say what the meta will look like over the next few weeks.

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