Apex Legends Season 1 could be launched later today


One of Twitch's best streamers has hinted that the battle pass for Apex Legends Season 1 could be launched later today.

This comes from 'Shroud' (real name Michael Grzesiek), who, when listening to streaming yesterday, brazenly suggested that the big update could happen today (March 1st).

As Dexerto noted, Grzesiek is excited: "I'm thrilled to update this game. Wait, if it comes out tomorrow, maybe, who knows, they might surprise you. I do not know, I do not know anything, I do not know, I've never played this game before. Already."

So, yes, we are swimming in salt here, because all we know about season 1 is that it will start at some point in March (and last for three months).

Technically, of course, March 1 is a potential release date as viable as any other, and the launch of Reddit has sparked a lot of enthusiasm. In addition, Shroud probably has access to the privileged information of all accounts (he was certainly a pre-launch tester).

The other theory is that the developer may want to push further the hype and excitement for the game now, to interfere with the new season of Fortnite 8 that has just begun. And a surprise launch of the combat pass would be consistent with the way the game was introduced unannounced by Respawn.

We should not get carried away here, but there is certainly a possibility that season 1 starts later in the day, or maybe very soon – maybe next week.

With the new season, we will see the introduction of new loot and weapons – the only cool weapon to date has been the Havoc rifle – and of course two new characters.

Apex Legends loses Octane

Image credit: Voeno (Reddit)

(Image: © Voeno (Reddit))

Addicted to adrenaline

One of the strongest rumors is that in this last category, a guy called Octane will arrive, with a passive ability to heal over time (without damage), and a tactical adrenaline boost that allows you to move. 30% faster for six seconds and do not be afraid of slowing down (while costing 10% of your health). Its ultimate is supposed to be a springboard that catapults the players in the air one way or another.

Clues found by data miners who were digging into the game files previously indicated these abilities. Moreover, they seemed to have enough power, with a passive and tactical synergy that sounded just right.

That said, again, we need to be very cautious here because the image disclosed on Reddit that provided these details could easily be an exercise in Photoshoppery.

From the original post, a second red thread from Reddit showed an alleged Octane image next to the silhouette similar to that of a character in the distance that appears towards the end of the trailer for Apex Legends Gameplay Deep Dive – when the narrator speaks of & # 39; next champions "- which is another potential proof to take into account.

Obviously, there is a lot of guesswork and daunting risks here, and who knows if the information on Octane will actually be hidden. We may not have long to wait to find out, however …

Some leaks turn out to be the real McCoy – like when the Apex Legends card was leaked nearly a year ago to Reddit – and others, like Crash the Humanoid Bandicoot, most likely not (ahem). While the latter may give a good laugh to the players, there are still many complaints in Reddit about the instability of the game. Hope this is something that the next big update will address.

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