Apex Legends wants me to care about the meta of a game for the first time


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The Wingman and Peacekeeper combo quickly takes over Apex Legendsand with reason – he owns. The combination also has an unexpected consequence on me: I found myself really invested in the meta of a video game.

The Wingman is a pistol that can kill one player in three shots to the head, and the Guardian of Peace has the potential to inflict 110 damage by hitting the body if all the shots fall. In the hands of a skilled player in the first person, this combo can be unstoppable. In my unqualified hands, they fill a lack of skills and challenge me to play more effectively.

In general, I do not care much about guns in a game, but Apex Legends change my perspective a bit. In my quest to become a better player, finding a Wingman and a Peacekeeper on the map is always an opportunity. This is the weapon that has allowed me my meager handful of victories, but more than that, I know that if I train more with these weapons, I can learn to be a great player.

It does not hurt that the community is basically obsessed, which reinforces my opinion that these guns have. This morning only, I scrolled through the list Mountain peak subreddit and found this message:

In the comments, a player laments the ubiquity of this game by saying, "Everyone is still rocking him. So much so that I am excited to hear a devotion spread even when it appears in my face. "At least I did not get 2 by a Wingman" – After the defeat. "

They are not mistaken. I am usually killed by a few Peacekeeper body shots or a whim of the Wingman at the appropriate time. But I'm learning something from the mass community consensus that it's the best charge in the game. Watching a new game from its meta in just a few weeks has been fascinating to me as an outside observer, as in the case of Overwatch. I always thought, "If everyone is complaining about the meta, why is not he trying to find his own way to play with success and have fun?" Now that I'm really playing a competitive game, I understand that peer pressure is undeniable. For example, I would never have taken a Mozambique, even though I watched a video of someone who was wiping a squad with the much-maligned gun this morning. And if I see a winger or a peacekeeper, I'll always grab it, just because I know it's "better".

Whenever I have a Wingman and a Peacekeeper, I feel like a smarter player who knows what the best guns are. That does not mean that I really play better, though. It will come with time.

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