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Apple adds Image mode in the picture to Apple TV

Apple has apparently left a new feature coming from the company's WWDC conference, WWOS, earlier this month: the picture in the picture. 9to5Mac points out that the tvOS 13 beta for developers allows Apple TV users to reduce any video they play in the Apple TV app to a corner of the screen and continue to browse content and menus while continuing to watch the video being played. Unfortunately, a public beta of tvOS 13 is not yet available and should be available in July.

At the moment, it is said that the embedded images are limited to the Apple TV app, but we hope that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and other streaming services enjoy the same features. If nothing else, it would allow you to start looking at something "eh" and browse the selection of other apps in the hope of finding a better choice. Or maybe you could keep an eye on a sports game while playing an Apple Arcade title. Some third-party applications such as PlayStation Vue already have their own image solutions in the image. you can watch four live channels simultaneously with the Sony TV service.

If you have already used the picture-in-picture mode on an iPad, the appearance is the same. Inside the smaller video window, you'll see options to maximize it in full screen or to completely exit the content.

It's possible that PIP is not present in the latest tvOS update this fall, especially since it's not been mentioned by Apple on stage, but it's a pretty simple feature and an interesting complement to the other tvOS 13 additions, such as multi-user support. .

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