Apple and Hyundai sign Apple car deal by March with production starting in 2024


Apple and Hyundai will enter into a partnership deal for the next Apple Car by March, according to a new report shared by Reuters, citing Korea IT News.

Apple and Hyundai functionality

Before being revised, the Korea IT News According to the report, companies can either manufacture the electric vehicles at a Georgian plant owned by Kia Motors, a subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor group, or invest in a new facility in the United States that could produce up to 400,000 vehicles per year. The report also mentioned that a “beta version” of the “Apple Car” could be released in 2022.

Reuters Last month, Apple Car production could start around 2024, and that time frame was again echoed in today’s report. A production start in 2024 can be a bit ambitious, as a report of Bloomberg Last week, the “Apple Car” was “far from production” and could be ready in about five to seven years.

Rumors that Apple are in negotiations with Hyundai first surfaced last week‌, suggesting that Apple is considering working with the automaker to produce electric vehicles and develop batteries due to the high costs of the technology and necessary production facilities.

Hyundai at the start confirmed its discussions on electric vehicles with Apple in a statement to CNBC, but the statement was revised a few hours later without any mention of Apple.

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