Apple buys an AI voice startup that helps companies create Alexa and Google Assistant apps


According to a report released by Apple, PullString, a startup in the San Francisco-based AI sector, specializes in helping businesses for the creation of voice chat applications. Axios. Pullstring was founded in 2011 by former Pixar employees. Its CEO, Oren Jacob, is Pixar's former chief technology officer. Until now, PullString has been best known in the technology industry as the software behind the voice systems of popular toys, such as Mattell's Barbie Hello doll.

It's unclear what Apple will get out of this agreement, valued at less than $ 100 million, but well beyond the $ 44 million venture capital funding that PullString has raised so far . But beyond toys, PullString has also worked to help companies develop their skills and applications for Amazon's Alexa platform and Google Assistant. In this sense, Apple could acquire PullString to accelerate the growth of applications and features based on Siri, which are sorely lacking compared to the tens of thousands of integrations, skills and actions offered by Amazon and Google.

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