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This is a good reason why Apple executives have warned us in recent years not to pay attention to the mysterious rumors of the supply chain regarding iPhone production cuts: they are often wrong. In recent weeks, we have seen a number of reports claiming that sales of iPhone XR have been disappointing. In fact, many of these reports indicated that the demand for the iPhone XR was so low that Apple had recently been forced to reduce its production.

During the process, investors became very bearish on Apple's stock, not to mention the future prospects of the company. In just a few weeks, Apple's share price has risen from about $ 231 per share to about $ 172 per share. But it turns out that all sadness The stories surrounding the fall of Apple's grace are far from reality. Of course, anyone who has followed Apple over the years can attest, this scenario seems to be happening consistently each year.

While attacking reports that the iPhone XR is a failure, Apple took a rather rare step today and revealed that sales of the iPhone XR were actually quite robust. During an interview with CNETApple CEO Greg Joswiak said the iPhone XR was "our most popular iPhone ever since the day it became available."

So, not only is the iPhone XR doing fine, but it's Apple's most popular iPhone model for more than four weeks. Clearly, Apple was feeling the heat of the influx of negative stories about iPhone XR sales, and with falling stock prices, the company likely felt the need to step up its efforts.

As for the number of iPhone XR units sold by Apple, well, Apple has never disclosed sales of an individual model. In addition, Apple has recently stated that it will no longer disclose unit sales for the iPhone. In other words, we really have no way to measure the evolution of iPhone unit sales, as analysts' reports and supply chain rumors have turned out to be anything but reliable and accurate.

Source of image: Zach Epstein, BGR

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