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Apple details layoffs in the self-driving unit: ranking

The layoffs of the Apple autonomous car project were aimed primarily at engineers and their managers, according to a new report.

On a list of 190 people fired by the iPhone maker, 33 were hardware engineers, 22 software engineers and 31 product design engineers, according to a letter that the company submitted to the development department. of California employment. According to the letter, another 46 people had management titles, including engineering project managers and software development managers.

"The layoff should be permanent," said Pam Oyanagi, senior consultant in labor relations at Apple, in the letter. "All affected employees have been informed of the date of their dismissal and declare that their separation will be permanent."

The layoffs affected employees of the company's offices in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, according to Oyanagi's February 14 letter. The company had planned to notify the affected employees on February 15th and the layoffs should take effect on April 16th, according to the letter. .

Apple confirmed in January its intention to remove some 200 employees working on the Titan project, its autonomous vehicle. A spokesman for the company confirmed Wednesday at the San Francisco Chronicle that the redundancies detailed in his letter EDD were the same.

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Representatives of the company did not immediately respond to an email requesting a confirmation or comment. A representative of the company had previously stated that "some" affected employees would be transferred to other parts of Apple.

The iPhone maker would have struggled to keep pace with its self-driving effort. The Titan project would have undergone many changes in management and many changes of direction since the launch of the program by Apple in 2014.

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