Apple in trouble after choosing Intel rather than Qualcomm for 5G hardware


Apple recently abandoned Qualcomm as a major supplier of 5G hardware after a long dispute with the company. The company then revealed that it will not manufacture 5G devices until 2020 at least. However, a new report says that Apple could have problems acquiring the components needed to manufacture a 5G device.

The news comes from Cowen Research, who said that Apple was "in a difficult position" given its reliance on Intel modem products. Four options offer her to deal with the situation. "No one is ideal". According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple could "get a 5G modem from the main competitor Samsung", but this will only occur at "difficult commercial conditions." One of the options for Apple is to make peace with Qualcomm, but it could be too late for the Cupertino giant. Finally, Apple could abandon everyone and develop components in-house, but it could be expensive for the company.

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