Apple is releasing iPhone SE in its online customs clearance section starting at $ 249

By Malcolm Owen
Tuesday, February 19, 2019, at 12:15 pm Eastern Time (3:15 pm ET)

Apple has given potential owners of the iPhone SE a new chance to buy the abandoned smartphone via the Clearance section of its online store, but as for previous sales, it will probably only be available for a few hours before disappearing again.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE

An event that is repeated since the beginning of 2019, Apple has put the SE iPhone on sale online, with reduction in the Liquidation section. This time, Apple offers the iPhone SE in four color options: Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold and Gold.

The price of all versions is based on capacity. The 32 GB variants offered at a price of $ 249 represent a saving of $ 100 compared to the current price, while the 128 gigabyte versions are discounted by $ 150 compared to the posted price of $ 299. This is the same price as in the previous cases of the sale.

Notably, the models are labeled as having a carrier SIM card for T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT & T, but they all carry the "Unlocked" label added to the titles, stating that they will work perfectly with the title. other SIM cards.

It is not known how long iPhone SE will be available for purchase on the Apple Online Store, but previous cases indicated availability between two hours and two days. The duration ultimately depends on the stock of each Apple model, data it does not provide in the store.

The iPhone SE is a more compact model than the others currently offered by Apple, equipped with a four-inch screen with Touch ID and powered by an A9 processor. Apple stopped selling the model in September, alongside the iPhone X, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus.

The second generation of iPhone SE has been the subject of rumors, but it is unclear whether such a model will soon be launched by Apple.

Here's where you can always get an iPhone SE

Although iPhone SE devices are becoming increasingly difficult to find, there are still several third-party retailers that have phones in stock. If you want a new model, eBay is your best bet. If you are open to a refurbished model, Amazon and BuyBackWorld are viable options.

Resellers with iPhone SE in stock:

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