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Apple kills the latest MacBook Pro without touch bar, discounts on MacBook Air

Apple has continued its trend of discreetly updating its notebook lineup this week by releasing some hardware updates for its MacBookPro and MacBook Air computers, while removing the latest MacBook Pro options without touchbar. That's right, if you want an old-fashioned keyboard with physical function keys, there's no more MacBook Pro model for you.

If the loss of function keys does not bother you, the news is rather positive.

Photographers who do not need a lot of processing power can buy a MacBook Air at $ 100 less (Air now starts at $ 1,100) and Apple's thinnest notebook now has a TrueTone screen. If you need a little more processing power, the 13-inch MacBook Pro has come to a hardware upgrade, with models featuring Intel's 8th-generation quad-core processors instead of the i5 dual-core processors you'd have obtained last week.

The $ 1300 $ 1300 MBP is now bundled with a 1.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz), 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage at the same time. 39, solid state. You'll also get a True Tone screen, a touch bar and Apple's T2 chip for added security and a touch ID connection. You can increase the storage capacity to 256 GB or RAM to 16 GB for $ 200 more, or upgrade to an i5 quad-core at 1.7 GHz for $ 300 more.

For some, switching to next-generation quad-core processors at the same price will certainly be worth the detour. Last year, Adobe released a major update to Lightroom Classic CC, which takes more advantage of multiple cores. So you can legitimately see an improvement in processing speed over a two-core configuration.

For others, the fact that they are now duty buying a MacBook Pro with a touch bar will be enough to disappoint them and dissuade them from watching the latest generation. These people still have something to celebrate, because the 13-inch MacBook Pro without touch bar, which have just been abandoned, have already been sold at the refurbished Apple store for savings of up to $ 210.

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