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Apple loses bidding war for J. J. Abrams production studio

Apparently, WarnerMedia's victory is reduced to the magnitude of what it could offer. Bad Robot wanted to work with a "bigger" company that had both film and TV distribution. Streaming providers do not really have that kind of scope and Apple TV + has not even been launched yet.

This is not to say that online services have been left behind. DeadlineAccording to his contacts, recent discussions between Apple and Abrams have focused on further cooperation. Bad Robot may have a pact with WarnerMedia, but his co-owner would be free to work on projects like Stephen King's. The story of Lisey and the memory of Amy Silverstein My glory was I had such friends.

In the current state of things, WarnerMedia had every reason to outbid Apple. His next streaming service contains some originals, but the company still tends to talk more about the extraction of its existing television catalog than the production of programs exclusively on the Internet. A contract as expensive as this one does not guarantee exclusive offers online, but it certainly increases the chances.

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