Apple Loses Offer to Stop Swatch Using Jobs’ One More Thing Signal


Steve Jobs at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2011.

Photographer: David Paul Morris / Bloomberg

“One more thing,” said Steve Jobs at the end of several Keynote from Apple Inc., giving its signal for the announcement of a new surprise product.

But Apple cannot keep its founder’s turn of phrase to itself, a London judge ruled on Monday as he sided with the Swiss watchmaker. Swatch Group AG in a long-standing trademark dispute.

Swatch’s attempt to record the phrase may have been an attempt to “annoy” Apple, Judge Iain Purvis said in his ruling, but Apple can’t stop it from doing so. Purvis said in his ruling that the sentence likely came from fictional TV detective Columbo.

A former court official was wrong to say that “Swatch’s intentions have crossed the line between appropriate and inappropriate use of a trademark,” Purvis added.

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