Apple Music Supported for Google Home spotted


At MWC 2019, Google announced the wizard for messages on Android, increased availability in Google Maps and more languages ​​for bilingual support. The next feature for Google Home speakers and smart screens seems to be Apple Music integration.

Tonight (via MacRumeurs), Apple Music started to appear as a service supported by Google Assistant. The Apple streaming service can be selected as the default audio provider on Google devices. He joins YouTube Music and Play Music, as well as Spotify, Pandora and Deezer in the United States.

Unfortunately, this integration is still in progress and is not yet operational, as users can neither log in nor authenticate. The Google Home Assistant is currently responding to Apple Music's commands stating that "Voice actions are not available for this application."

Once launched, you can use Hey Google voice commands to play songs, playlists, and the rest of your library from Apple Music. This includes reading on Google Home, other third-party speakers, smart screens and Android TVs.

Google Assistant on iOS already offers the ability to accept voice commands and play Apple Music locally on an iPhone or iPad. Once Apple Music support is complete, Android users can configure it by selecting Settings> Assistant> Services tab> Music, while iOS users can access the Google Home app> Settings> Music (under Google Assistant Services at the bottom of the list).

Apple Music support on Google Home follows the streaming service provided to Amazon Alexa last year. In the past, a workaround was to transfer music via Bluetooth to any Google Assistant speaker. Of course, voice commands provide a more seamless experience.

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