Apple News crashes for some users a day after the launch of the subscription service

Apple News hangs for some users a few seconds after it opens on iOS and Mac. Many of us at The edge have been able to reproduce the problem, and reports of the problem are also hitting Twitter. In my case, the application looks good initially, but it hangs when you scroll down a little screen. Everything worked fine yesterday, so it's probably a server-side bug rather than anything related to the iOS 12.2 update.

The edge has contacted Apple for a comment. The company's system status page says that Apple News should work normally. Indeed, other people do not report any problems while using the application and are able to read articles normally.

The bug occurs during the hours of travel on the east coast – while many users could open the app – and one day after Apple's announcement of the Apple News Plus, a service of $ 9.99 subscription per month allowing full access to many magazines and newspapers including The Wall Street Journal.

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