Apple publishes a collapsible iPhone, not just for all these patents


The US Patent and Trademark Office has revealed another foldable phone patent for Apple. This is the last of many proposals for a future flexible iPhone, but that's not the only reason why it is clear that Apple will launch a foldable phone as soon as possible.

Credit: Robby FesterCredit: Robby FesterThe patent talks about how flexible patents have a problem with cold weather on the collapsible part. The cold can make this area fragile and fragile. The documents describe a heating method to avoid this potential trap.

Besides this patent, at least three other foldable Apple iPhone patents have already surfaced.

In March 2018, Apple obtained a patent for a flexible battery that would be built into the screen, with graphite padding to help dissipate the heat that will occur when you combine the two.

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In October, the USPTO awarded one to a magnetic lock that would keep the phone closed without any physical mechanism, which seems like a very doable thing for Apple.

Last month, February 14, Apple got another patent that showed that a normal iPhone would fold in half to make it more compact – like the future Motorola Razr foldable.

Choose between growth of a new market or irrelevance

It seems that a very large number of patents for Apple does not plan to at least jump into the foldable telephone train, which analysts see as the future of phones and the path to growth that is stagnating now. In fact, some of these analysts have already announced that Apple would market a collapsible iPhone as early as 2020.

But we do not really know if Apple will release a collapsible iPhone or not. Everything points to a yes: the consumer excitement, the obvious utility of having a phone that can display more information when needed (if you are from the class of tablet to tablet foldable) or be more compact when transported (if you prefer). foldable in half) and the booming market projections that led to the collapsible phone invasion in 2019.

But unless a complete disaster and the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X become fiascos (and that will not happen), it becomes more and more clear that Apple will launch a foldable phone, a point c & # 39; 39 is everything. These patents only show one thing: Apple does its homework and is about to do it.

If Apple does not do it, and soon, his business might become irrelevant. Like when Job refused to adopt bigger screens and Android brands stole the thunder and the market share of Apple. The company is already ranked 3rd worldwide and Xiaomi and Oppo are not far behind. It is a mistake that Tim Cook and his companions know they can not afford to repeat.

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