Apple says "confidentiality counts" in new iPhone ad


Apple today shared a new iPhone ad on the YouTube channel, focused on privacy. The ad will premiere tonight and air in March Madness in the United States before expanding to other markets around the world.

The 45-second video begins with the slogan "privacy Matters" and then shows various humorous situations, even slightly embarrassing, in which people would like their privacy to be protected on a daily basis. In one scene, for example, two men briefly interrupt their conversation while a waitress is at their table.

"If privacy matters in your life, the phone should interest you," the announcement concludes. "Confidentiality.This is iPhone."

The announcement comes about six weeks after the discovery of a major bug in FaceTime, which allowed a person to call another person via FaceTime and listen to that other person's sound without it. answer the call. Apple fixed the bug in iOS 12.1.4 and apologized, but it was certainly not good for its reputation.

Similarly, Apple defended its privacy stance with a sign near CES 2019 in Las Vegas saying "What's going on your iPhone is still on your iPhone".

Aside from the bugs, Apple really puts the emphasis on privacy, especially compared to other tech giants such as Facebook. Apple has long claimed that it views privacy as a "basic human right" and therefore aims to minimize the collection of customer data and to dissociate it from an individual user.

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