Apple shares new educational videos highlighting iPhone XR and XS camera and photo features

Apple today shared two new iPhone XS and iPhone XS tutorials on its YouTube channel, both designed to highlight the features available on new devices.

The first video is designed to teach users to better use the search function of the Photos application. You can search for people, places and objects, such as food, cats, dogs, beaches, flowers, etc. The iPhone is able to recognize thousands of different objects.

The second video describes the steps required to create a photo using the depth control feature introduced in the software. iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. The depth control allows you to adjust the blur of a photo before or after it is taken.

Two additional videos explain how to choose a key photo in Live Photos and use the Stage Light Mono mode on the iPhone.

Each video lasts between 30 and 43 seconds and is similar to other iPhone tutorial videos shared by Apple in the past. Apple has produced a whole series of tutorials with videos like these, ideal for sharing on social media sites and for quick spots on TV.

In addition, Apple often shares many similar videos on its Apple Support YouTube channel, and offers a full featured mini-site on its website, dedicated to photo-based iPhone tutorials and procedures.

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