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Apple steps in to automatically remove Mac's risky Zoom software

Apple has pushed a silent update to Mac users to remove the Web server installed sneakily through the popular Zoom video conferencing application, TechCrunch reports.

Earlier this week, security researcher Jonathan Leitschuh revealed how Zoom had installed a secret local Web server on Mac devices – with the intention of backing up an extra click – while leaving users vulnerable by allowing an attacker to hijack their webcams.

The undocumented server remained installed on users' devices even after uninstalling Zoom, which allowed the application to be reinstalled without their knowledge.

At first, Zoom defended his decision to install the Web server stating that it allowed users to join Zoom meetings in one click. But he eventually went back and released an emergency fix to completely remove the local Web server. He also acknowledged that there is currently no easy way to uninstall the client and the server.

Apple has confirmed at the point of sale that it has set up an automatic update and indicated that the installation of this application did not require any intervention of the user. The technology giant said it had taken this step "to protect users from the risks posed by the exposed web server."

Zoom, for one, says he is "happy" to have worked with Apple to solve the problem:

Zoom spokesperson Priscilla McCarthy told TechCrunch, "We are happy to have worked with Apple to test this update. We expect the web server problem to be solved today. We value the patience of our users as we continue to work to address their concerns. "

The communications provider also plans to launch a new uninstall application for Mac to help the user easily remove both apps by the weekend.

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