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Apple strikes at the Spotify complaint; Wins a $ 1 billion decision in Qualcomm dispute

Apple Inc. (AAPL) said Friday that its customers had helped customers download more than 300 million Spotify apps while the tech giant had reacted to a complaint filed by the streaming music service noting that unfair competitive practices.

Spotify Technology SA, maker of the streaming music streaming app, told European antitrust regulators earlier this week that Apple was supportive of its own music service, to the detriment of its rivals, partly due to fees charged to other manufacturers for selling content on its platform restrictions on links to external pages where price promotions can be found.

"After using the App Store for years to dramatically expand its business, Spotify wants to retain all the benefits of its ecosystem – including the substantial revenue generated by the customers of the App Store – without making any contribution at this market, "Apple said Friday. "At the same time, they are distributing the music you love while contributing more and more to the artists, musicians and composers who create it – even going so far as to bring these creators to justice."

Apple shares climbed 0.33% at the start of the trading session on Friday and changed hands at $ 184.35 each, which would bring the gain since the beginning of the year to about 16%. and to value the technology giant in Cupertino, California at just under $ 870 billion.

Apple also won a preliminary ruling from the Southern California District Court last night, after Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel declared that Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) owed the technology company nearly a billion dollars rebates in the context of a complicated procedure. ongoing litigation on the use of Qualcomm chips in Apple iphones.

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