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Apple TV beta tests an image in the iOS-like image

At first glance, Apple's picture-in-picture feature does not allow you to stream video over another video. Instead, the content you are currently viewing is reduced to a small box located in the corner of the screen, allowing you to navigate the rest of the operating system without the need to pause or pause. to withdraw from an application. The on-screen controls allow you to switch between the thumbnail of the video and the rest of the Apple TV, to move the picture block in different corners of the screen or to close completely the content. The appearance on Apple TV marks the extension of Apple's picture-in-picture feature, which first appeared in iOS 9 as a multitasking feature for iPad.

In addition to the image in the image, tvOS 13 will introduce support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, display lyrics on the screen while listening to music, and provide multi-user support, including included personalized recommendations for each person's profile.

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