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After months of speculation, Apple finally gave us an overview of its television projects. As rumored, Apple is throwing headlamp into the world of original programming with an impressive list of movies, TV shows and documentaries among a wide range of renowned creators and actors. From Steven Spielberg and J.J Abrams to Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey, Apple has certainly used his bank account liberally to sign with a list of prominent Hollywood talent. Whether Apple TV + takes off or not, you can not deny that Apple is at least its best.

At first, I was skeptical of Apple's TV initiative, especially given reports that Apple executives like Tim Cook were giving ratings to content creators about the excessive use of the Apple TV initiative. violence and desecration. More recently, however, reports have suggested that Apple's senior executives are adopting a more moderate approach, which is a good thing if we consider that some of the most popular programs on television today are being watched. hui – with Game of thrones to be a good example – are not really friends of the family.

While much of what we've seen about Apple's original programming plans has been the talk of various television stars, the programs we've learned all seem to have fascinating premises. In addition, the trailer for Apple at the end of his event – which included short excerpts from a number of his upcoming shows – seemed pretty compelling.

Although the content of Apple TV + probably contains a lot of success considering the army of Apple's leading creative talent, the success of Apple TV + will be summed up, of course , at prices. And, in a move that shocked no one, we did not learn how Apple was planning to price its new original programming selection. All we have learned is that a price announcement will be announced this fall.

The problem faced by Apple, however, is that the selection of content currently available from competing services is already offered at an incredibly low price. For example, a non-HD package of Netflix costs $ 8.99, while an HD stream that supports two simultaneous streams costs $ 12.99. Apple content will likely be available exclusively in HD and its price must be high to be able to take off.

Consider all the TV streaming options that we face today. Of course, there is Netflix and Hulu, but you also have competition from Amazon, HBO and possibly Disney. In addition, Apple does not start with a huge library of content, as it does not license TV shows and third-party movies like Amazon and Netflix do.

That said, Apple's selection of films and television shows, whatever it may be, will be small enough to warrant an affordable price. Let's hope that Apple gives Apple TV + an appropriate price and does not try to block the service with a monthly subscription rate that rivals a Netflix subscription. In short, Apple will have to start by undermining everyone – at least in the beginning – if it wants Apple TV + to make waves immediately.

The Apple TV initiative has not yet taken off and the company certainly has time to advertise its nacsent service and generate hype in the coming months. That being said, many consumers are already part of a number of streaming services and Apple, as a latecomer, will not be able to roam and impact until it has a relatively low subscription rate. low. Although this may seem obvious, Apple has never hesitated to pay more for its products and services. Hope this time, Apple will understand that it is smarter to accumulate a large number of users, and then increase its prices after the fact, the Netflix.

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