Apple VP declares that the iPhone XR is its most popular model after the publication of a report on the weak demand – TechCrunch


Following last week's WSJ report, explaining why weak demand for Apple's latest iPhone prompted the company to reduce orders for devices, especially the iPhone XR, a VP states that the XR is the best-selling model of the company currently available.

The disclosure comes from Greg Joswiak, vice president of Apple, in an interview with CNET. The quote is not particularly juicy, it only indicates that the device is "our most popular iPhone ever since the day it became available".

Joswiak did not specifically comment on the WSJ report. The claim regarding iPhone XR sales compared to other iPhone models does not tell us much either, without solid numbers.

The fact that the $ 749 XR is the best-selling iPhones available is not surprising. It was presented as a pleasure for the crowd with a low-cost construction that did not make a lot of sacrifices in terms of computing power. The iPhone XS of the company costs 999 dollars; they also continue to sell latest-generation models at lower prices.

What's interesting about this interview excerpt is that it's just part of the details of a quarterly results report, but Apple recently decided that the data would not be not forwarded in the future, but remain at the same level as revenues. its iPhone segment. In other words, it's about as good as it will go ahead in terms of clarifying the breakdowns of models for the sale of devices.

The reasoning of the company not to mention sales in advance was rather due to the fact that this did not necessarily reflect the health of the company, but the timing of this relevant realization comes as analysts believe that the demand for devices could start to slow down.

The stock price of the company has plunged about 20% since sharing its most recent results.

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